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Navigator, Statesman, Triton, Gentleman's and Junior Gentleman's Pen

Our Navigator, Statesman, Gentlemans and  Jr. Gentlemen's II
pen features "effortless" thread system and a subtle design for a
more refined look. This series raises the bar for
smaller premium pens and will continue do so by offering
quality, style and function unmatched by others.

Available in different plating styles, the Titanium, 10k models and Chrome
 feature black chrome accents on the center band and pen
 cap while the Platinum Series offers 22k gold/cobalt
 accents on a brilliant Rhodium finish. The fountain pen
 features a top quality German-made two-tone or polished steel nib with
 iridium point while the rollerball includes a ceramic tipped
 Schmidt, Hauser or Foray cartridge for smooth, effortless writing.
The Jr. Statesman II is available in rich 22k gold or Black
Titanium hand-cast engraved inset on the cap surrounded by
a sea of brilliant Rhodium

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