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Majestic and Majestic Jr. Rollerball and Fountain Pens

Majestic Pens are luxuriously featured with a Swarovski crystal in the rhodium-plated clip and all exposed accent rings, bands and caps include elegant custom hand-carved 3 dimensional designs. Components are cast, polished then plated with extremely durable 2-micron 22kt gold plate or black titanium plating. Its regal profile is accented with brilliant rhodium-plating on all components and has a flawless fit and finish. The roller ball assembly includes a rhodium-plated pen nib with a premium Schmidt steel cartridge refill with a ceramic point I make these pens in the larger Majestic Style or the smaller and slimmed down Majestic Jr. style. These high-end pens are available in either a rollerball or fountain pen. The Majestic pen is designed to never leave the executives desk. 

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