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I have always enjoyed repairing and building things. It started when I was in Junior High, my family members would brings things to me to fix. Of course not all of it was fixable, probably about 50/50 so at that age I got blamed for breaking a lot of the things I set out to fix. I took wood working in Jr. High and in High School. After school I worked construction for a few years in Montana. After six cold winters I thought it was time to go back to school. While in school in North Dakota then in Michigan I took up wood working in my spare time. I lived in apartments and my neighbors probably thought I was nuts, as from time to time a power tool would get fired up in my house or on my deck. As I wanted to expand I found a barn to rent. I put up some cheap insulation and heated it with a propane heater, my spare time was spent in this old barn making some furniture and a lot of small gifts for my family. After about 5 years it was time to move to Minnesota, I had accumulated a medium sized U-haul full of tools and wood.  After buying a house I set up my shop in my garage, I thought it was the cats meow........that is until I met a lady.....who later became my wife. She promptly said "I will want to park in the garage" which I promptly replied "I will have to build a wood shop then". I have often told her that she is the best thing that ever came into my life. Well I excavated an area for the cement slab and it was poured while we were off getting married. The date I got the slab poured sure helps me remember my anniversary.  With my background in construction and I also have a background in electrical work I built the shop myself on my time off. After about six month it was completed. 750 sq feet of floor space and 200 sq ft of storage in storage trusses in an insulated attic. Now I call it a studio, it's funny how marketing works in artsy suburban Minnesota, or anywhere,  or if you go into a gallery and say I make my gallery pieces in my WOOD  SHOP their eyebrows furrow but if you say I make everything in my STUIDO they get a pleasant smile on their face. I continued to make furniture and about seven years ago started wood turning as well. I made some vases and bowls and really enjoyed that. I picked up a smaller lathe and tried a pen. I started making a few pens between larger projects. I loved the pens because you could start from scratch and see the end product that same day. that seemed to satisfy  that ADD part of me which we all have. Also you would have a small work of art in your hands. After about 500 pens I have become fairly accomplished and continue to perfect my skills as well as branch out to different areas. One of my greatest loves was doing hollow forms, platters and vases. The medium sized lathe I had was not large enough to handle my projects so I bought a Stubby from John Jordan. Google his name and check out his web site, he is quite an artist. I continue to build small projects but focus mainly on turning. My pens and some other medium sized objects are on this site. I chose the name World Craft Pens because the materials I use come from all over the word. I use Red Mallee burl from Australia to Cocobolo from South America as well as European Stag deer horns to Maple burl from here in Minnesota.  I have some objects in some local galleries and I am now in the process of constructing a web site dedicated to pepper grinders and a site dedicated only to gallery pieces. Well thanks for listening, if you read this far you were truly bored. Thanks again for shopping it is really a treat for an artist to have someone admire something that they have made, and make it possible for me to continue perfecting my skills. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


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